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Unified Communications and Collaboration can improve any business

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) is a set of technologies enabling the integration of real-time and non-real time communications across an organization.

No matter what industry your business belongs to, UCC can help. Here is our take on three UCC features that can help any business improve.

UCC enables integrated, high-quality audio and video

It used to be that these concepts were thought of as separate technologies, however that is shifting in today’s world.

Thanks to COVID and work-from-home policies, video has become the new standard in terms of connecting and collaborating within organizations.

While more and more team communications shift to video-based, there are still instances when team members need to or prefer to be voice only and not seen on video. And video isn’t quite yet the norm for external audiences – most vendors, partners and customers don’t outreach to your business using video calls. So reliable, consistently high-quality audio service is still a must.

UCC enables mobility

Every organization differs to the extent they offer employees multiple device types (e.g., desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, desk phone, etc.) or allow employees to connect their own devices to the network.

But, the one need that does exist is to connect and collaborate regardless of device type.

Organizations with team members on the move should consider UCC services that allow flipping, or the seamless transfer of communication on one device type to another. For example, if a team member is talking on their desk phone to a customer, but are heading out to an offsite meeting, some UCC services allow them to flip the call to their mobile without interruption.

UCC enables virtual workspaces to come alive

Historically, business team meetings could be a real productivity killer. Even “working meetings” didn’t always result in lots of work being done. But, that changes with UCC.

Many UCC services integrate meetings and document management, along with group and private messages. Screen sharing and new collaboration tools allow multiple collaborators to work on a document at one time, despite being in completely different places.

Some UCC services offer real-time meeting transcription; you get the benefit of detailed notes of who said what and work assignments, and ensuring participants are fully present in the moment.

Breakout rooms allow attendees to disperse into smaller groups to meet separately, then return later into the main meeting.

Compu-Gen Technologies offers telecomm systems that enable your team to work smarter

Compu-Gen Technologies works with multiple unified communications and collaboration vendors and can help design the right system for your business, both today and as you grow.

We install the system components and are always there for you when you need support.

And, we offer an entire suite of solutions to create a holistic system for you including managed IT support, video and other security systems, point of sale systems and merchant services.

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