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Today’s point of sale systems can change your businesses’ game

A point of sale, or POS, system allows businesses to sell goods or services to customers and accept payments.

Today’s systems are more than just cash registers and:

  • Streamline business functions into one integrated platform
  • Collect data to make more insightful, informed decisions
  • Can be managed from anywhere, not just at the terminal itself
  • Increase revenues while decreasing operational costs

The integrated and comprehensive nature of these systems provides businesses seven main benefits.

POS systems modernize and enhance the customer experience

Today’s point of sale systems speed up the reservation/appointment and order/checkout processes, while adding the convenience of paying via multiple payment methods. Some systems even come with ability to create integrated website and request/manage customer reviews.

POS systems enable better customer management

POS systems capture a wealth of customer information at the point of sale. Armed with this information, businesses can target customers with additional marketing outreaches.

Some systems contain functionality for businesses to encourage and manage online reviews from their customers.

SpotOn’s customer loyalty software is integrated into their POS platform for easy enrollment, check-ins and redemptions into a rewards/loyalty program. Rewards can be customized based on number of visits made or dollar amount spent. And, email campaigns and outreaches can be automated, like for customer birthdays or when customers haven’t visited in a while.

POS systems help manage employees

Some POS systems come with functions to manage employees. Some systems include the ability for employees to clock in/out within the system itself. Managers can manage shifts between employees and also set table/server assignments.

POS systems offer a wealth of reporting information

When do most of your sales occur? What sells the most frequently? What sells the least? What’s the average price per sale? Cost per sale? POS systems offer detailed and summary reporting that can help businesses make better decisions.

POS systems improve catalog and menu management

Point of sale systems help businesses that sell services, goods or both. Gone are the days of sitting directly at the terminal, plugging in your menu or catalog, only to dread the time-consuming process when your menu or catalog change.

Menus and catalogs can be updated from anywhere in today’s point of sale systems. These friendly, streamlined menu/catalog management functions also speed up ordering/checkout, in addition to providing valuable data to help make informed decisions.

POS systems make managing the finances easier

In addition to the reporting benefits of a POS system, they can also help streamline the financial mechanics such as managing:

  • Splitting tips for tipped employees

  • Dual pricing or cash discounting (when one price is presented for card-paying customers and a discounted price is presented for cash-paying customers)
  • Deposits and prepayments
  • Disputes and chargebacks

POS systems integrate with your other management software

While a comprehensive POS system can do a lot, it most likely can’t run your entire business. Many of today’s POS systems offer seamless integrations with your existing business programs such as account, online ordering, inventory management and labor management software.

Compu-Gen Technologies offers point of sale systems designed specifically for your needs

Compu-Gen Technologies is an implementation partner for multiple leading POS platforms. We can design, install and manage a POS system that best fits your business’ needs. And, we also offer low-cost and secure credit card processing via our Merchant Services solutions.

And, we offer an entire suite of solutions to create a holistic system for you including video and other security systems, managed IT support and telecommunications.

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