Yes, your business needs a video surveillance system

We understand that sounds a bit biased since that’s one of the services we offer, but please hear us out.

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that video surveillance systems just “catch bad guys.” That’s true, but they also do so much more. Professionally installed video surveillance systems have evolved into an important tool to help you manage operations, loss prevention and risks.

Businesses face all kinds of risks, from inside and outside the organization

The stats can be a bit sobering:

  • 80% of theft is attributable to customers and staff
  • For every 1 theft caught, 46 go undetected

  • The average shrinkage of 1.6% results in an average profit loss of 17.8%
  • Nearly 2 million people were victims of workplace violence in 2022

  • The average out-of-court settlement for one workplace violence incident is approximately $500,000

It’s a fact of human nature – almost everyone acts differently when they know they’re being recorded and/or watched. Leverage that to your benefit with a video surveillance system.

Video surveillance systems increase safety and security

It’s sadly all too common today – an irate customer physically assaults one of your employees. But, it can keep your employees safe from each other too. Video surveillance systems can give everyone peace of mind.

Video surveillance systems reduce theft and vandalism

Robbery, theft and vandalism are typically the highest volumes of claims made by businesses to their insurance carriers.

Compu-Gen Technologies design custom video surveillance solutions that gives you the right coverage across your premises, both inside and outside. You can watch entryways, windows and other access points, in addition to common areas, secure areas and more.

Use of video surveillance deters these types of unlawful activities, as most burglars and vandals will bypass and choose a less-secure target. But for the dumb or persistent, video can be a very useful component of evidence when prosecuting these activities.

Overhead security camera in a technology store

Video surveillance systems improve employee productivity

Video technology significantly improves productivity and compliance to company policies and procedures. And, given the increase in workplace violence, video presence can help your employees feel more secure when performing their job.

Productivity of management is also improved with video surveillance. It frees up supervisors from having to directly monitor employees so they can focus on other required activities; it can also reduce management turnover and burnout by assisting with supervision.

Video offers the opportunity to identify training opportunities so they can be addressed before becoming unmanageable. Studies have shown video surveillance in combination with coaching improves performance and retention.

And, it offers a way for management to identify and reward employees for doing their job correctly or going above and beyond.

Video surveillance systems improve your liability position

No business is immune from lawsuits. But video surveillance can actually protect you from frivolous lawsuits and improve your liability position in lawsuits with merit. Recordings of exactly what happened (or what didn’t happen) can be excellent pieces of evidence.

Because of the general benefits provided by video surveillance systems, many insurance carriers offer discounted rates to businesses with professionally install video systems.

Compu-Gen Technologies can design a video surveillance system customized to your needs

A video surveillance solution from Compu-Gen Technologies gives you peace of mind that’s easy to use and at an affordable price. In fact, the return on investment is positive, with most paying for themselves quickly from the reduction of risks and/or increase in profitability.

We design a system based on your specific needs using the highest quality components. We set up and test all components of your video surveillance system so it’s ready to protect business. And, as your business changes so can your system.

You can monitor real time activity and recorded video from anywhere with an internet connection 24/7/365.

And, Compu-Gen Technologies offers a full suite of security solutions such as intrusion detection, fire alarm systems and access control systems, in addition to IT and telecommunication services.

Beyond security systems, we offer many services to create a holistic system including IT services, point of sale systems and merchant services, and business communications solutions.

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