More than just a fire alarm

Compu-Gen Technologies’ fire prevention systems protect lives and livelihoods.

No one wants to risk a fire. Even a small one can be catastrophic in terms of life and/or livelihood.

Compu-Gen Technologies’ team of fire prevention system technicians provide the expertise and equipment needed to protect your business while remaining compliant with fire code.

Compu-Gen Technologies’ Telecomm solutions:
  • Safeguard property, lives and livelihoods

  • Reduce insurance costs

  • Comply with codes and regulations

Fire alarm system pull panel

One size doesn’t fit all

We build a fire protection system specific to your business

A comprehensive system

Typical components in our fire alarm systems

Why choose Compu-Gen Technologies for your fire alarm system needs?

Our fire alarm system team consists of specialized engineers and trained technicians. They regularly receive product and industry training to stay ahead of the curve and deliver best practices to our customers.

We also work closely with local authorities, and are well-versed in local fire laws, codes and procedures.

We use Silent Knight by Honeywell, an industry leader in fire detection. Their products provide multiple benefits, which we will describe in this section.
Compu-Gen Technologies’ fire alarm system technicians are available 24-7-365.

We test using standards from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

To keep our systems functioning at the desired and required levels, we:

  • Conduct and document routine evaluations and tests of all system devices and the system as a whole.
  • Make adjustments and calibrations as needed.
  • Perform routine service.

Everything changes over time. Your business. Even local fire codes and laws.

Compu-Gen Technologies’ can adapt your fire alarm system as needs change.

Increase your security knowledge

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Fire alarm systems for all industries

See how Compu-Gen Technologies’ suite of services can help your business.

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