Who is Compu-Gen?
Compu-Gen Technologies, Inc. serves as a procurement specialist with over 25 years of experience. We are an ISO certified small business and IT Schedule 70 contract holder.  A dedicated specialist is always available to help you identify the right solution to support your organization.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified – See our certificate
Certified Small Business Cage Code:
074D9 D&B# 88-472-3016 GSA
Contract# GS35F470AA
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GSA Partners:


Nagios Enterprises, LLC.

Nagios Enterprises delivers official products, services, and solutions for and around Nagios® – the industry standard in enterprise-grade IT infrastructure monitoring. With millions of users worldwide, Nagios is the undisputed champion in the IT monitoring space.


Citus Data, Inc.

  • Citus intelligently distributes your data & queries across many nodes so your database can scale and your queries are fast. Available as a database as a service on AWS, on-prem, and as open source. At Citus, we make sharding your PostgreSQL database simple. So you can focus on your app—not your database.


Novanex Solutions

  • Novanex Solutions OnTime clocks are assembled and tested at our facility in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The majority of the components are manufactured locally – our suppliers are close and material quality is monitored continuously.  Because we’re confident in the quality of our products they all carry a three-year warranty.  Novanex Solutions OnTime clocks are simple to install, just connect an Ethernet cable to a powered switch and provide a network path to a time server and all your Novanex Solutions OnTime clocks will display the same time - to the second.  You can monitor your clocks by logging in to our website and accessing your Novanex Solutions support page.  There you can see when each clock last checked in, as well as the hostname, firmware version and installed location you may have assigned.  Easy to buy, easy to install, easy to maintain!

Competitive Pricing
Compu-Gen has direct partnerships with many manufacturers and dependable supply channels. This allows us to save you time by having the ability to place multiple products from multiple vendors on a single PO.
Accurate & Reliable Information
We verify accuracy of information by confirming product specifications with customer needs.

Compu-Gen has built a reputation of developing relationships of integrity with our vendors and buyers for over 20 years.

Prompt Delivery & Support

We utilize our network of distribution sources to meet your needs for prompt shipping, usually resulting in 1 or 2 day delivery.

Follow Through

You will be able to use our unique approach of One Point of Contact when you have a question, concern or need fast service.