Reliable support, predictable expenses

Compu-Gen Technologies creates the perfect IT support plan for you.

Whether you’re visiting on behalf of a business or a residence, you’re probably looking for some sort of IT expertise and/or peace-of-mind. We’re here to help.

Compu-Gen Technologies’ IT experts can craft the right combination of IT consulting and support for you. So you receive (and only pay for) the service and support you need.

Compu-Gen Technologies’ IT Consulting and Support solutions:
  • Maximize business performance

  • Increase and safeguard security

  • Minimize business disruptions

  • Reduce and streamline IT expenses

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Cost-effective, scalable support

Technology expertise and tools to meet any business or residential need

Why choose Compu-Gen Technologies as your IT consulting and support partner?

Our trained and highly-skilled technicians are experts in their field. We hold CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, A+, N+, S+, NSTISSI 4013, NSTISSI 4011 and MCP certifications.

But, we know it takes more than just technical know-how to build positive, long-lasting relationships. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent customer experience, too.

You’ll find we’re easy to work with and down-to-earth. And we’re here to find the best solution for you.

We are there for you when need a live person, whether it’s 24/7/365, business days 9-5 or a custom schedule just for you.

We assign a team to each client, and cross train others, so there is always someone on staff with specific knowledge of your system.

Our IT consulting and support services allow you to scale your costs according to your current requirements, so you’re only paying for the services you need.

Our multi-year agreements offer monthly payment plans for easy budgeting.

Increase your IT knowledge

Check out our knowledge library for more IT-related information.

IT consulting and support for all industries

See how Compu-Gen Technologies’ suite of services can help your business.

Other Compu-Gen Technologies’ services to consider

Managed IT Services

Get cyberprotection and more with our TotalCare managed services package.

Managed Backup and Recovery

No downtime and fast data recovery to keep your business running.

Physical Security Solutions

Protect your physical spaces against theft, fire and intrusion.