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Is IT Managed Services the same as IT outsourcing?

No, IT Managed Services is not the same as IT outsourcing.

They are based on a similar concept of contracting with an external IT entity to provide IT services. However, they vary in how those services are delivered.

  • IT Outsourcing: Is usually limited to one or a handful of specific services. For example, an organization may choose to delegate its helpdesk functions to an IT firm. The IT firm handles all helpdesk requests, but everything else is handled by the organization.

  • IT Managed Services: Is more comprehensive and holistic in terms of how the services are provided. An IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) manages most or all of the organization’s IT functions from both strategic and tactical perspectives.

IT MSPs manage and direct their Managed Service activities using the mentality of “What IT infrastructure and activities are going to help this client succeed in the long-run?”

What is IT co-management?

IT co-management is when the responsibilities for delivering IT services is shared between in-house IT resources and resources at an external IT firm.

Co-management can be used in both Managed Services and outsourcing arrangements.

When should my business use IT outsourcing or IT co-management?

Consider IT outsourcing or co-management when you have an in-house IT department who can handle most of your IT needs, but need help executing on a narrow, specific process or set of processes.

When should my business use an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP)?

Consider an IT Managed Services Provider, like Compu-Gen Technologies, when you lack an in-house IT department who can effectively manage your IT infrastructure, continuously monitor your network operations for cyberthreats and plan/prepare for both disaster scenarios and future growth.

Compu-Gen Technologies is the right IT partner for your business

Compu-Gen Technologies has been providing IT services for over 30 years to hundreds of satisfied clients. We’ve worked in every industry and staff each client with a team of experts to deliver our best every day.

Whether you need our TotalCare Managed IT Services or specific outsourced IT support, we can customize our solutions and expertise to fit your needs.

And, we offer an entire suite of solutions to create a holistic system for you including IT services; video, fire and other security systems; point of sale systems and merchant services, and business communications solutions.

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