Like it never even happened

TotalRecall is Your Complete Data Recovery Solution.

No solution is 100% fail-safe and disruptions will happen. It’s better to plan ahead for these situations, as downed applications or systems can mean disaster for businesses. It’s not just lost data, but also lost time, revenue, customers and reputation.

Compu-Gen TotalRecall proactively protects and backs up your data. When a compromise does occur, we can keep your business running through virtualization and recover your data quickly. With a few clicks of a button, we can minimize downtime and recovery to just minutes, instead of days, weeks or even months.

Compu-Gen Technologies’ TotalRecall solution:
  • Minimizes business disruptions

  • Increases overall IT security

  • Reduces and streamlines IT expenses

IT technician analyzing system with a laptop

Monitored, tested and verified by Compu-Gen

Keeping your business running during a disruption

Why choose Compu-Gen Technologies as your backup, continuity and recovery provider?

Our trained and highly-skilled technicians are experts in their field. But, we know it takes more than just technical know-how to build positive, long-lasting relationships. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent customer experience, too.

We welcome you to outreach at any time. We’re in this together and look forward to being your backup, continuity and recovery provider.

Our system constantly works in the background. We are there for you when need a live person, whether it’s 24/7/365, business days 9-5 or a custom schedule just for you.

Every business is different. We can flex our TotalRecall solution to your particular needs.

Trying to manage your businesses’ data backup needs in-house can be an time-consuming and expensive endeavor. And when a disruption occurs, you need the peace-of-mind that your business can keep operating without losing your precious data, time and money.

Our TotalRecall service allows you to scale your backup, continuity and recovery costs according to your current requirements, so you’re only paying for the services you need.

Our multi-year agreements offer monthly payment plans for easy budgeting.

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