What is data backup?

Data backup protects your business data (e.g., customer information, documents, transaction files, machine and configuration files, registry files, operating system files, etc.), whether located in the cloud or on premises, by making a copy of it to one or more secondary locations.

Why is backing up data important?

A loss of business data usually means business comes to a screeching halt. Data can be lost due to a variety of reasons including natural disasters, hardware failures, accidental human error, viruses, ransomware, malware, purposeful theft and more.

The statistics around data loss vary by the reporting entity, but are generally sobering:

  • The average cost of business downtime is $1,467 per minute

  • 52% of businesses believe they can recover from a severe data loss in 12 hours or less, but 29% can’t recover for a day or more
  • 90-95% of data breaches are due to human error, with 75-90% of targeted cyberattacks starting with an email

  • 60% of small businesses suffering a cyberattack go out of business within 6 months of the attack
  • Small and mid-size businesses spend an average of $955,429 to restore normal business operations after a successful attack
  • For businesses impacted by ransomware, they recover only 65% of their data after paying the ransom

Can your business survive a loss of data without any backup? The most likely answer is no.

The good news is that you can take proactive measures to back up your data with Compu-Gen Technologies. But, just backing up your data isn’t enough to successfully weather a disruption.

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Why isn’t backing up data enough?

Don’t get us wrong – you should be backing up your data. But it’s just one tool in your tech arsenal.

Time is money – each minute your system is down costs you money, both actual money and money in terms of lost opportunities, revenue and reputation. Even if your business is in the 52% believing recovery is within 12 hours, that still equates to thousands of dollars not going into your pocket while recovering.

It takes a finite amount of time to determine what caused the disruption and to fix it. But, just having a data backup doesn’t help with those steps. You need a comprehensive backup, continuity and recovery solution.

What is business continuity?

Business continuity is the ability to maintain your business’ essential functions during a disruption and while recovering, and make recovery as expedient as possible.

It involves developing a plan that considers your mission-critical functions, the multitude of risk points that could jeopardize normal operations and the tactical procedures for preventing, operating through and recovering from a disruption. That plan is then supported by a variety of technology solutions.

Compu-Gen TotalRecall is a complete backup and disaster prevention, continuity and recovery solution.

Compu-Gen TotalRecall is the fastest backup, continuity and recovery solution for Microsoft and virtual machines and servers. It can recover a single file, database or server up to the entire network. Downtime is minimized to mere minutes, enabling you to protect and restore your entire Windows server application environment in just a few clicks.

We help you plan and implement the best business continuity and disaster recovery for your business. We utilize industry-leading backup technologies and best practices, like multiple copies stored on different media and at different locations.

Compu-Gen Technologies performs scheduled testing of the backup, failover and recover components in the background, without impacting your live, production environments. So you can be assured TotalRecall works when you need it to.

TotalRecall uses failover virtual machines to enable continuity. These are virtual “standby” machines, removing the need to administer and pay for duplicate physical infrastructure and software licenses. If TotalRecall senses a disruption in your normal system, it automatically and seamlessly switches over the operations and functioning to the virtual failover machines.

With bare-metal recoveries, Compu-Gen Technologies can help restore data and function to similar and dissimilar hardware.

We have provided IT services for over 30 years to hundreds of satisfied clients and worked in every industry. We staff each client with a team of experts to deliver our best every day.

We can customize TotalRecall and any of our solutions and expertise to fit your needs.

And, we offer an entire suite of solutions to create a holistic system for you including IT services; video, fire and other security systems; point of sale systems and merchant services, and business communications solutions.

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